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It is, in other words, quintessential Fleetwood Mac: classic FM-radio easy listening — an absolute top-shelf lighter-swaying anthem. Not a note is out of place.

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This is, of course, a lie. The Crystal Palace of Soft Rock will save no one. The Crystal Palace of Soft Rock will crumble. It is good for nothing.

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Do not trust it. After a short but musically perfect drum break, the bassline comes in and Mick builds to a driving, ride-based eighth-note feel to fade.

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The guitar part at the beginning of this classic Rumours hit can give a conflicting impression of where the pulse lies, sounding more complex than the track really is. Towards the end, the drums change to a more driving pseudo double-time feel with both snare and bass drum on all four quarter-notes. Derided at the time for its excess, the album stands up today as a classic.

The Buckingham-penned title track is a drum feature, taking its cues from African-inspired rhythms. Pity, even if my mind is still a little uncertain about the fiddle Pachalbel echo. At this point, I say it works. Experimental and eccentric, this angular, ragged near-fragment is as anti- Rumours as it gets. Nickel Creek took a shine to the song, turning it into a live favorite.

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Just wait until the chorus though. A song so well known in its Santana guise, some are still surprised that it is a Peter Green original. Releasing his first record in , he has never stopped blowing and is now appreciating he Native American heritage: he is of Cherokee stock, alongside his new musical partner Ben Harper. Loose-limbed and somewhat erratic, much like the band themselves back in the day, this version of the title track is a psychedelically pleasing listen. And, since there are very few cover versions of this song out in the slipstream, the listening value is enhanced several notches.

How Fleetwood Mac Made a Masterpiece That Flopped

It is truly sad it is now lost to us. The songs practically cry out for it, boasting insanely catch melodies and strong rhythms. Many lazy DJs simply add a four-on-the-floor beat, but Brooklyn duo Le Blonde take it way beyond that. Own Side Now by Caitlin Rose With two critically acclaimed and criminally ignored albums under her belt, Caitlin Rose is an artist worth knowing.


This version of the song really brings out the Americana pedigree that was always lying just below the surface with the original. For a John Peel radio session, Callahan and co turned the song into a droning ambient-guitar masterpiece. Billy Corgan and Smashing Pumpkins manage to pull off their own beautiful, equally haunting version.

They keep the melody and simplicity of the song the same, with the focus on vocals just as in the original.

It would seem that choice might not be enough to set this cover apart, but the result is just the opposite. Corgan is the male counterpart to Nicks: an emotional, husky voice that seems to be reaching right through the air waves into our hearts.

Why Fleetwood Mac's Tusk is better than Rumours

In this way, the Smashing Pumpkins cover has become a classic in its own right. Even the most obscure Tusk oddity is no match for the rarest of birds: a cover of a recent-vintage Mac tune. Well, Sara Watkins and co. I know there was cocaine there and that I fancied it gold dust, somehow.

Rumours is undeniably a great album, with top-notch writing, performing and production.