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Is your PC compatible with Mac OS X? Read this first.

Install OS X El Capitan on PCs with Unibeast - If the "official" tutorial from tonymacx86 isn't as easy to follow as you would like, you might prefer this installation guide from MacBreaker , which includes step-by-step screenshots of the process. Note that although official hardware support for OS X If Metal capability or another particular feature is of critical interest to you, make sure that it is likely to work with your desired Hackintosh configuration prior to making hardware purchases.

Although official OS X Quality Hackintosh tutorials for Yosemite include:. For those interested in more detailed understanding of the process, the same site also provides an installation tutorial using Clover. Install OS X Also see the " All-in-One Guide " from another helpful forum user. Forum postings from " ikingblack " and " snatch " may be useful, as well.

These tutorials use the Chameleon bootloader. The same site covers installing the Yosemite Zone distro within the Virtualbox virtualization suite , as well. Installation guides for OS X Mavericks For newer tutorials, see the current Hackintosh installation guides above. Don't miss the Hackintosh video tutorials , either. Quality Hackintosh tutorials for Mavericks include:. The site also covers the OS X Installing OS X If the "official" guide above isn't sufficient, you also may find this site's OS X Mavericks Unibeast tutorial and its tutorial for the sketchy Niresh distro helpful, too.

OS X This tutorial also includes a list of FAQs that can be quite helpful for troubleshooting. Covers hardware selection and construction as well as installing OS X Mavericks. Create a Bootable OS X Although hardware compatibility is essentially identical to OS X The site covers the OS X The author also provides shorter tutorials about OS X Mountain Lion software installation and Hackintosh performance hardware options.

Build an OS X It covers hardware selection and assembly in addition to OS X installation. Upgrade to OS X Significant coverage of emulation environments, too. Note that just like its predecessor, OS X Those who need older software should instead consider Mac OS X Hackintosh tutorials for OS X The site offers a "Lion" walkthrough for UniBeast , too. Lion on the Hackintosh - An insightful and detailed post from photographer Thomas Pindelski. Double-click the downloaded file and mount it on the Disk Image.

OS X Mountain Lion can run on unsupported Intel Mac Pros

Double-click the mounted Disk Image. Double-click the packaged file in the folder. Installation starts automatically. Konsumen Beralih ke: Bisnis. Konsumen Bisnis. Dukungan Cari Unduh. Hubungi kami. MG series Scanner Driver Ver. OS OS X v One could argue that it is a conflict of interest making OS and selling the only computers that run them.

I purchased a used MacBook Pro mid 13 inch to keep my network current.

This really stinks that apple is killing all these machines even mac pros not all of us are made of money i have a used macbook and macpro and now apple wants to make them absolete this is not good even some models will not work. Apple really sucks with this new OS its been down hill since mountain lion I might go back to PCs if apple keeps this up I have been a mac user since What in the world does this mean??

Hackintosh, obviously….. Tomorrow will install OSX Anyone know how to configure such a system to boot in bit mode? I have a Mac Pro server from Thanks for this page. I have an iMac that is from , so that one will work. If mountain lion does not work on a macbook 2.

Minimum Requirements for OS X Mountain Lion ()

Pc will become the champ. If they do this i will be very disappointed and will think about getting a pc for less money. Ok — so you have a 4 year old — perhaps even 5 year old computer by the time ML is out and you insist on having the latest OS from Apple working on it. You can continue to use Lion for probably another 2 years before Apple stops supporting Lion — so that gives you 7 years of OS support on a computer.

If you were an Apple shareholder, do you think thats a good use of resources? And yes, please go ahead and buy a PC and see how long that lasts in the upgrade cycle — or how much you will get for it after a month of purchase in the second hand market. If you have a MacBook or MacBook Pro, or even an iMac, you are going to eventually have obsolete junk, as these are not generally upgradeable apart from memory modules, unlike the Mac PC or Windows PC, which can have their internals exchanged.

You pays your money and makes your choice at the initial purchase time. I think this is where Apple nails the whole lot! Looking back at the history of Apple we see that this is not the first time, but that the company […]. This post says I agree. SHame on you Apple. This is totally normal and should have been phased out long ago. Anyone who bought a 32bit machine should have known they were going to do this eventually. Nothing is going to hurt software development since it will only require You will just miss out on a totally bit environment.

Big deal, get over it!! En principio los requerimientos de […]. People have reported on the forums that that machine is running developer preview of Mountain Lion just fine. You might be ok. Remember the same issue with Lion? Smells to me like Apple is becoming another Microsoft. Only in this case MS is the one being conservative, instead of reckless.

UniBeast: Install OS X Mountain Lion on Any Supported Intel-based PC

I am still not happy with Lion, wished that I had stayed with Snow Leopard. Not considering the amount of change in the OS is minimal. Every year is a pretty standard thing for Apple now. MS takes it all right up front. Neither of which i mind too much, its just different on one side then the other. Lion has some performance issues and hopefully will be fixed in MT Lion.

Also, closer integration with iOS is not a bad thing. Be sure to check the currently known system requirements as OS X Apple has a habit of quickly obsoleting end user investments in hardware and […]. Yeah, my machine is pushing 6 years old but it cost a small fortune, runs great and is still fast. This article is wrong. ALL MacPros are currently supported.

Hackintosh - How to Install Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 on a PC

Hey Jason, if you have any information about it running on a Mac Pro without swapping out kext files, please send it to us osxdailycom gmail. Therefore, your statements are without value…. This is the best way to upgrade an OS anyway. To get the best and more reliable experience.

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Hi Jason, How exactly would I go about doing a fresh install? Please explain in more detail! Thank you!

Step 1: Requirements

Dammit, I have the 64 bit Intel Mac Pro that came out before the model, still running great, am planning on using it for another several years. Obviously a very capable machine. A bit disappointing if Mountain Lion and future updates wont run on it.. A shame if Apple makes an effort to not support the hardware to push new sales.

I wondered about this. The Mac Pro is bit machine and the original model is still very popular. I wonder if it would be good enough to upgrade the graphics card or if they will just force them out with a firmware requirement. This is the minimum requirements off of apple.

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In short, it will probably run Mountain Lion, but may require a graphics card upgrade. ML betas include an EFI32 kernel, and some of the supported Macs do not run the bit kernel anyways. Is lion compatible with a on up iMac, or what is the earliest year that it would be compatible for? Mountain Lion does not support this machine because the kernel is 32bit. Too bad. I have the same problem.