Zebra label printer driver for mac

First of all switch your Zebra label printer on and make sure the green status light is showing, then you can start the installation process. Begin by opening up the Zebra Thermal Printer Driver software. Upon opening it should look like the image above. Ensure you are in the Install tab. To Begin the installation process simply click the "Next" Button. B After clicking "next" the first page to show on the dialog will ask what connection your printer is using.

In this setup we are showing you how to set up your USB connected Zebra label printer. Therefore click the "USB connected printer" option from the drop down menu. When the correct connection type is selected click "next" to continue onto the next step. C The next step is to select the printer that you are using from the drop down list. As this is a Thermal utility for Zebra label printers you should have a Zebra label printer selected.

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Once you have ensured you have selected the correct Zebra label printer from the list click "next" to continue onto the next step. If you do not know which printer model you are using it will say somewhere on the printer itself, often at the front. For this example we used a ZP zebra label printer. Find your own printer model from the drop down list and select it.

Ensure you have selected the correct model. Then click "next" to continue. E This step requires you to choose what sort of labels you will be using in your Zebra label printer. In our example we are using the Die cut standard labels, these labels are the most common labels to use in your Zebra thermal label printer. You will know what labels you use however so select the correct label and click "next" to continue.

F The next step asks you what you will be printing on the labels you print from your Zebra thermal label printer.

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Will you be printing simply barcodes and text or images with more than one colour. Most commonly you will be printing barcodes and text. In our example thats what we have selected to print from the Zebra label printer we are using.

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So select which option you are using and click "next" to continue. G This step is asking for a name for your printer , this is so you know which printer it is and what setup you have installed it with on the thermal utility. Here we have simply named it the Zebra as it is the name and model of printer we are using. You can choose to name your printer or leave it as the default name set. Remember to give your printer a sensible name but don't use any special characters.

You might want to give this setup a different name as you can set up multiple virtual printer setups for different setups you may need it for. After you have typed a name or left it as default whichever you prefer, click "next" to continue. H The next step is optional it is to type in a physical location for where your printer is stored for if you want one.

This is an optional step and you don't need to enter a location name if you don't not wish to have one. For our example we have entered "office" as this is where we store the printer. If you choose to enter a location name ensure you enter it correctly and click "next" to continue. You can add more than one size to the list, ensure you select the correct size labels that you will be using in your Zebra label printer. To add your label sizes, select which sizes you want from the list and click "add'.

To add a custom label size for if you don't see the label size you want in the drop down menu, simply click on the "add other size label" button. From there the dialog will change. The new dialog will look like the one in the image below.

How do I set up a Zebra thermal printer on my Mac? – ShipEngine

There are new text boxes prompting you to enter the dimensions you have for your own label sizes. Ensure you enter the correct dimensions and click the "add" button. Then When you have ensured you have added your correct label sizes click "next" to move onto the next step. J The Next step in the installation process is to pick what application you are printing from , this is important so ensure you choose correctly. You should know what application you will be printing from but ensure you click the correct option. Click "next" to continue onto the next step. K The next step is really easy, simply click on the "install printer" button and it will begin installing using the setup you have selected.

L After clicking the previous "install printer" button this first dialog will pop up click "ok" and a second dialog will pop up saying we will calibrate the printer. Click "ok" and the installation process will continue. Listen for your printer to calibrate. M The next dialog to show will ask if a test label was printed, and did the test label have text on it. If your test label had text on it click "yes" to move onto the next step. N If the above dialog shows your installation is now complete , You can now print from any application. If you encounter any problems with this setup or have any other questions or queries do not hesitate to contact out technical support team.

Wednesday, 20 September Printing Trouble Shoot guide. There are many reasons your printer might not be working properly here are some of the most common issues and fixes for them. The first printer issue we will talk about is the printer connection.

Check that the printer is plugged in and ready to print. The printer usually shows a green status light when it is plugged in correctly and ready to print. Sometimes the cables might not be all the way inserted or the plugs may not be in sockets that are turned on so check these first if there is no light on your printer.

It could also be that the cable may be old or broken. We have found with some certain printer types that the power supply can stop working correctly, and not be able to provide enough power to USB port, or allow labels to print correctly.

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If this isn't the issue check if your printer is connected to your computer USB connected printer. So while holding down the Alt key open the Apple menu and select system information. Once you have clicked into system information a new dialog will open and it should look like the image below.

Select the USB option when you have clicked into system information. Your printer should be listed in here. If your printer is not listed in this section your computer cannot see your printer. It may be worth trying a different port even if it shows as this sometimes helps. Local host.

Installing a Zebra Label Printer on a Mac OS X 10.5

The second printer issue is to check the local host. You can check CUPS errors by going to localhost on a web browser. You may need to enable CUPS by entering a command into the terminal app. The next thing you will need to do is go to the printers section. We actually have a few of these in the office, but we run them from Windows machines. I'll ask around to see if anyone has tried running them on a Mac.

There is no native support within the system preferences for printing to adjust paper handling size, feed margins etc. Features needed to control this type of printer. Most operating systems, have this support built in, so when printing shipping labels directly from online java based scripts etc Not without paying for some type of special program or something.

So I stopped looking. I am just going to keep using the existing system I was using, al thou it has it's problems, which I hope to resolve soon, for the type of work I am doing it seems to work the best for now. You can print to the LP using OSX with full control over the printer, at full speed and with no fuziness but you need to purchase a commercial driver. On the LP you may need to run it with a usb parallel adaptor from Sabrent as the built in USB port is a bit unreliable. For a long time I had to boot back into system 9 to use my old Apple LaserWriter on system The manufacters just don't care enough to update the old drivers.

There's no money in it. You do have to pay for it but it works. Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Printer Repair manuals for printers of many makes and models.

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