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October 27, at am. Strange, that looks like a generic NuGet error — maybe you had an intermittent internet connection problem or similar. Could you try building again? February 17, at pm. Standalone' returned a non-zero code: 1. April 28, at pm. I'm also getting the same error..

I checked my internet and its working fine…I tried several time and I also try by modifying NuGet. October 31, at pm.

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November 4, at am. I am trying to run the app with docker in Visual Studio with Docker Tools installed , but get the following error? ValidateEnd Task task at Microsoft. MoveNext — End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown — at System. Execute at Microsoft. January 17, at am. I've had problem after problem on Windows 8, which isn't supported by Docker for Windows!. It was clunky with RC2 but it all worked at least. I wonder if this is related to the this error. November 10, at pm. I try to install windows service in a docker container. Service was installed but doesn't start.

November 18, at am. AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. Login failed for user 'sa'. SqlException: Login failed for user 'sa'. November 23, at pm. February 26, at am. February 27, at pm. November 25, at am. Try Get-PSRepository to see all available registered module repositories. I suspect it is the proxy blocking but cannot access it to check. Is it possible to do this behind a very strict proxy?

An alternative download location or manual install? July 18, at am. DVD windows — OK. November 26, at pm. November 29, at pm. So does this mean I can make a windows server container with windows deduplication in it, and then run that container on windows 10? December 1, at am. December 15, at am. December 20, at pm. I'd love to see a demo of deploying to a remote windows server. Also, if a database were part of a container package e. There are several good ways to secure and connect to remote Windows Docker hosts.

January 8, at pm. When I run "docker-compose -f.

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Standalone' returned a non-zero code: January 10, at pm. Is there a way of running windows and linux based containers on Windows ? January 24, at am. Containers share host OS. In windows you will be able to run windows based containers. Or you can start a linux VM and run your container on it. As i understand, containers share host OS. January 16, at am. Your article was published with good intention but unfortunately, at the time of this writing on Jan, it's not being a fully working tutorial.

When i run. March 6, at am. March 7, at am. March 8, at pm. What version of Docker Compose do you have? Please make sure you have a recent one. The sample works for me with docker-compose version 1.

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April 11, at am. Sending build context to Docker daemon 2. May 15, at am. April 24, at pm. InstallP ackage. The daemon. My question is, can I simply create a daemon. June 7, at am. May 3, at am. May 10, at am. I am using a datacentre server in Azure. I have followed your guide and all is installed after a few tweeks, the containers are created and i have used the latest release of all softwares, when i try to open the music store in a web browser i get the below error. This will cause values to be silently truncated if they do not fit in the default precision and scale. To configure this warning use the DbContextOptionsBuilder.

ConfigureWarnings can be used when overriding the DbContext. OnConfiguring method or using AddDbContext on the application service provider. MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'System. ReadableBufferAwaitable System. ReadAsync '. AggregateException: An error occurred while writing to logger s. The collection has been marked as complete with regards to additions.

InvalidOperationException: The collection has been marked as complete with regards to additions. May 20, at am. I'm trying to build the Musicstore application in Powershell and I'm getting the following:. And the MusicStore folder seemed to be created ok. Thanks, John PS I'm happy to post elsewhere if this is a docker issue and not a tutorial issue.

June 19, at am.

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  8. I had the same error following the installation instructions from training. May 22, at am. June 6, at pm. August 3, at am. I tried to setup the development environment in windows server with Visual Studio , I got the same error, any solution for this? There is no implicit reference conversion from 'MusicStore.

    ApplicationUser' to 'Microsoft. September 18, at am. September 18, at pm. Was using docker-compose version 1. I rolled back to 1.

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    There seems to be a missing using directive in MusicStore. Visual Studio suggests adding "using Microsoft. Identity;", but when I fix it, then there are other compilation errors in the mocks in the "ForTesting" subfolders. November 1, at am. All rights reserved. December 12, at pm. Because my requirement is to install Windows using docker and install our application and make sure all services are working when Docker Container is running.

    So i was not able to install any Windows related OS. January 2, at pm. Can anyone help me, how to pull postgreSQL image from docker…. I am getting lot of linux based images of postgreSQL.. I want postgreSQL image for windows server platform…. Click here to cancel reply. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. All Engineering Curated Docker Weekly. Build and run your first Docker Windows Server container. By Michael Friis September 26 Windows 10 with Anniversary Update For developers, Windows 10 is a great place to run Docker Windows containers and containerization support was added to the the Windows 10 kernel with the Anniversary Update note that container images can only be based on Windows Server Core and Nanoserver, not Windows Switch to Windows containers and skip the next section.

    Windows Server Windows Server is the where Docker Windows containers should be deployed for production. Using docker-compose on Windows Docker Compose is a great way develop complex multi-container consisting of databases, queues and web frontends. Summary This post described how to get setup to build and run native Docker Windows containers on both Windows 10 and using the recently published Windows Server evaluation release.

    Continue reading Hello, when starting the service displays the following error docker: Start-Service : No pudo iniciarse el servicio 'Docker Engine docker '. StartServiceCommand Thanks! Michael Friis September 28, at pm.

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    Kevin Jenkins October 13, at am. Ravi September 27, at am. Robert Colbert September 27, at am. Jay September 27, at pm. Sasi September 29, at pm. Michael Friis October 18, at am. George September 30, at am. Johnny October 10, at pm.

    where is I/O Registry Explorer?

    It looks like I'm missing DockerCli. Cormac October 19, at am. Erik October 25, at am. Michael Friis October 29, at am. John Waters October 27, at am. Running the compose example, docker-compose -f. Modify the Windows Registry very carefully as any undesired modification may cause your system to malfunction.

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