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You can push buttons on the remote using a mouse or trackball or your keyboard. SlingPlayer has a wide variety of remote skins for you to choose from, and many are based on the actual remote models sold with specific TV and set-top models. You might be able to pick one that looks exactly like your home remote. Viewing modes You can watch the video stream on your computer as a full-screen view, a movable window or a Slingbar.

Slingbar creates two separate areas on your computer screen: a "workspace" and a video space. If you're surfing and watching TV at the same time, you can maximize your browser window and not block the Slingbar video screen -- the browser window will only maximize to the extent of the "workspace. How Chromecast Works. Slingbox Technology. Prev NEXT.

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You connect your TV's video output to the Slingbox tuner. The Slingbox grabs the video signal from your TV. The digital media processor acting as a DSP converts the signal into digital data the Slingbox can manipulate. The digital media processor acting as a video encoder compresses the data using a Windows- or Mac-compatible codec.

The Slingbox broadcasts the compressed data stream in real time via the Ethernet port. France - English.

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View Top Searches. What's a Slingbox ID? Note: You need to be on your home network to do this. Connect to your Slingbox so you can see video. Click Options. Check the info for the Slingbox ID.

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Automatic router setup makes it easier to connect to your Slingbox With older versions of SlingPlayer, you connected to your Slingbox by specifying an IP address and port. You don't have to do that anymore with Watch on Slingbox. Affected Products.